Greg Snyder and Sarah L. A. Finlay's Birds Page

All birds can be classified into 7 different types, of which there are many different varieties. We hope this list will make it easier for you to talk about birds, and eliminate the needless and complicated "proper" names often used by those trying to sound important.

Bird Types:

·  Pigeon (e.g. parrots are very colorful pigeons)
·  Sparrow (e.g. robins are big red sparrow and humming birds are fast winged sparrows)
·  Owls (e.g. penguins are cold weather owls)
·  Ducks (e.g. a swan is a big white duck)
·  Eagles (e.g. hawks and other big flying birds)
·  Chicken (e.g. turkeys are dried up chickens)
·  Flamingo (e.g. emus and ostriches are long legged flamingos)

Bird of the Month

Here we see a picture of a pointy-nosed pecking pigeon, or as some would have it, a woodpecker.

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